Shipping Instructions

Skulls must be wrapped in toweling or newspapers to soak up any leakage durring shipping. Each skull needs to be wrapped in two bags each tied tightly and securely. We prefer to have them taped shut as well. Please then freeze them for at least 24hrs before shipping

Place skull in strong card board box and and pack with plenty of packing material to ensure skulls are protected durring shipment.

Please ship using Fed Ex or UPS. We prefer to have the skulls shipped out on Monday or Tuesday to ensure they do not sit over the weekend and spoil. Please keep in mind the time of year they are sent as well, temperatures in Arizona can get up to 100+ in the summer and ruin the skulls if they sit to long in extreme heat.

Please note on the package with a label that there is a Taxidermy item inside

Please include the following info in the package in a water tight bag
              Phone Number and Email
              Full Payment (make checks payable to Cole VanWinkle)
              Species and if there is any foreign objects or damage to the skull.

Please call CMC Skullworks before shipping

CMC Skullworks is not responsible for any damaged or lost skulls