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Welcome to CMC SkullWorks Taxidermy, specializing in
European skull mount


Welcome to CMC SkullWorks Taxidermy, specializing in
European skull mount

About Us

Skull Cleaning using Dermest Beatles



Each skull with CMC Skullworks is carefully cleaned using Dermestid Beetles. This process ensures minimal shrinkage of the bone. We then use a special degreasing and whitening method that leaves your trophy clean and attractive to display. 

About Us


Step 1


Step One: We clean all excess meat off of the skull and place the skull into the drying chamber. Beetles will clean the skull faster if the moisture has been taken out of the meat 


Step 2


Step Two: The skull is placed into the bug tank to be cleaned depending on the size of the skull the cleaning process can take anywhere from 12hrs to 2 days. 


Step 3


Step Three: The skull is placed into a degreasing solution, let soak for 5-10 day then whiten. 

Meet the Bugs





Dermestid Beetles are a family of Coleoptera that are commonly referred to as skin beetles. Other common names include larder beetle, hide or leather beetles, carpet beetles, and khapra beetles. There are approximately 500 to 700 species worldwide. They can range in size from 1–12 mm. Key characteristics for adults are round oval shaped bodies covered in scales. 


Dermestids have a variety of habits; most genera are scavengers that feed on dry animal or plant material such as skin or pollen, animal hair, feathers, dead insects and natural fibers. Members of Dermestes are found in animal carcasses, while others may be found in mammal, bird, bee, or wasp nests. 


These beetles are significant in forensic entomology. Some species are known to be associated with decaying carcasses which help with criminal investigations. In addition they are used in taxidermy and natural history museums to clean animal skeletons. 



Large Game Pricing

Bear Measurement = Length + Width
Under 19"                                  $100.00
19" to 22"                                   $125.00
22" and Up                                $150.00
Penis Bone                                $20.00

Bison/Buffalo**                       $180.00 - 285.00
Cougar/Mountain Lion         $100.00
Bull Elk**                                     $285.00
Cow Elk**                                    $120.00
Deer, Without Antlers*          $80.00
Deer, With Antlers*                 $120.00
Horse**                                        $185.00
Javelina/Peccary                   $100.00
Mountain Goat*                        $120.00
Ram/Goat*                                $120.00
Sheep/Bighorn/Dall*            $180.00
Steer/Cow                                 $160 – 285.00
Longhorn Steer                        $285 – 400.00 ++

*Small Jaws                               $20.00
** Large Jaws                             $30.00

Wild Boar                                    $120.00 – 160.00
Wolf                                              $100.00

*****Price will depend on size 

*****These prices do not included skinning fees 

Small Game Pricing

Badger        $60.00
Beaver        $60.00
Bobcat        $60.00
Coyote        $60.00
Fox               $40.00
Rabbit          $40.00
Raccoon      $40.00
Skunk          $40.00
Turkey         $40.00

                                        ********Price are subject to change at any time ********  

********Prices include Bugging,Degreasing and Whitening  ( Skinning is not included )

********Call for prices on species not listed

Any skull with signs of maggots will be cleaned in a different manor and charged an extra $40.00 

Skinning Fees

******** If your skull have the hide left on you will be charged    $30.00 - 60.00  depending on size of animal for CMC SkullWorks to skin it. ******** 

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

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Call to arrange a time for drop off or pick up.

We will be more then happy to meet in or around Tucson for drop off or pick up within reason. 

Drops off and pick up by appointment only. 

****Call for address **** 

CMC Skullworks Taxidermy


General Info


                                                       Turnaround Time 

Turn around time can vary depending on time of year, work load the shop has taken in and the condition of your item when its dropped off.

Turn around time can be anywhere from 3-8 months depending on the time of the year and how busy the we are. 

*******CMC Skullworks is not  responsible for any broken or missing teeth********

When the skulls are cleaned, degreased and whitened with chemicals all  of the grease and moisture in the skull is removed . This causes the skull to become very dry and in turn  the teeth can crack and can lead to them falling out. Just like the dead heads you would find in the wild. 

                                                     Skulls left behind or not picked up 

Once a skull is cleaned and ready CMC SkullWorks will contact you for pick up. We will only store the skull for one year once that call has been made. After the skull has been left at our shop for over a year we will no longer store and dispose of it as we see fit.

If you are in the  military or travel for work and need us to hold onto the skull, please let us know if you will be traveling around the estimated time of completion and we will arrange to hold the skull for you. 

 ****** CMC SkullWorks is not responsible for items left behind with no attempt of pick up ******

When dropping an item off please make sure and leave the proper contact information (Phone number or email ect) If your contact info changes you will need to contact us to update your information as that is the only way for us to reach you. 

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